Art and Creative Works

Avantgarde Women

The project is to design a visual story that depict the idea of Red Car culture that is inspired by avantgarde female icons th

They Didn’t Know

The project is a music video for Todd Riddle song, They Didn’t Know. The music video is a combination of 2D animation ov

MTV + Nike

The project is to create a style frame for MTV+Nike promotion.

Serving Eye

This project goal is to create a dark computer graphic realistic animation.

A Journey

These artworks is about a journey of 3 persons in a forest at the side of the beach. And in the middle of the journey they got

A Journey – Sketch

This project is to create sketches for a 3D art. The idea is about a journey of 3 persons in a forest at the side of the beach

Chess Set Sketch

This project is to create sketches for a 3D chess set, which is required front and side view of each chess set character.

X Ray Hand

In this project, I plan to create a 3D model based on a still image’s color level value and use it as the information of


This music video is presenting DJ Akhda 1st debut single that goes to Indonesia TV Station and MTV South East Asia. The story

cynical, md

The project is to create a short bumper for cynical, md, an Indonesian clothing company,  that would be playing on the backgr


This Planetmerah website is a portal-site that is focusing on Indonesian comic. It is a gate for Indonesia comic artist to sha


The project is to create a pattern of color that not perfectly cut, but naturally shape by the nature of tearing.


The project is to study letter W with many angles over gradients of two color that interact with the level of heights of their


The project is to study animal poses and expressions.

Dimension and Angle

This artwork is a form of creating a multiple dimension from a single medium that can generate multiple angle of point of view


The project is to create an artwork that its materials come from a recycle trashes that express a green act to our earth.

Face Off

This illustration is to portray the relationship between female and river, that is alway flowing into one direction, at the

Cupak dan Garantang

The project is to create an illustration for book cover.

Visit Jakarta 2001

This project is to create illustrations for posters of Jakarta Visit 2001, a tourism campaign.


This artworks are showing my thought that there will be always before and after, action and reaction, and how the moment will

Iron – Wood

These drawing are created to show my interest on how wood and iron texture can create a simulation, from our eyes to our brain

Letter – Object

These drawing is depicted what reminds me from a letter into an object in a few perspective such as animal, languages, memorie