A Journey

These artworks is about a journey of 3 persons in a forest at the side of the beach. And in the middle of the journey they got a windy rain. This story is based on my experience when I did a trip along the south beach of West Java, back in the high-school. (sketch)

Date : 2006
Location : Savannah, GA, USA
Project Role : Programmer
Software : Cutter, Renderman

Modeling and Texturing
This work demonstrates the basics of scripting shapes directly into a RenderMan RIB file. Coding shapes in this way focuses attention on the use of color, opacity and the fundamental concepts related to xyz coordinate system.

Mood & Lighting
This work shows the results of several (not-so-simple) lighting setup. Light sources were specified directly in a RIB file with the intention of altering a viewers perception of the “mood” and/or scale of a cluster of simple plain white objects. Particular attention was given to camera placement, framing and the general composition of the objects in the scene.

Rib Scipt
Rib Script (ColorVersion)

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