Eric Aditya
+1 912 308 8962
Eric Aditya is a visual artist that has been influenced by his art and design experiences. During his first photographic series, he worked with still-life images using mixed materials and experiment lights. They later evolved into graphical compositions and colors through the influence of his graphic design, multimedia, and audio-visual studio. Recently, most of his works are inspired by urban structures and objects, and natural landscapes. From these images, he is visualizing his private experience of the objects.
Eric was born and grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. He graduated in 2002 from Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia, with a Visual Communication Design degree. And later on, he graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007, with a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Effects. During his college years, he was involved with many performance activities in “Operet Kotak Pensil”, either on stage or behind the scene. Later on, in his graduate college years, he made some contributions in film productions, as a production crew or post-production crew, and also he did a few performances in front of a camera. Moreover, he has been working in some diversity of visual design works such as graphic design, web-multimedia design, teaching assistant, video production, animation, visual effects production, and TV commercial productions.
His first photography exhibition was in 1994 in Jakarta as the youngest participant. He also has participated in two other Canisius Photography Club Annual Exhibitions, which were held in prestigious plazas in Indonesia. His first exhibition in the US was in Metro Coffee, Savannah, Georgia in 2006, which pictured Savannah’s River Street look and live activities. In 2006, he had an opportunity to take part in the “Open Studio’ Photo exhibition, which was held by Savannah College of Art and Design’s Photography Department in Atlanta. Then, in 2007 he had his latest solo exhibition, “SEE-FEEL-BELIEVE”, in Hall Street Gallery, Savannah, Georgia.
In recent times, Eric is domiciled in Jakarta, Indonesia, while working as a motion graphic/broadcast designer and visual effects artist.

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