Stage of Figure #06

In this project, I am trying to convey a story about people that create a unique figure in front of public eye, sometime his/her/their figure are built by nature, culture, history, but sometime they manufacture their profile to be out of ordinary. However, in these photograph I would like to deliver them with a twisted story or exaggerate the action.

Date : 2006
Location : Savannah, USA

The Vikings
The Vikings were warriors that originated from Scandinavian, that explore and conquer many lands in Europe from 8th to 11th centuries. In the Middle England they were known as “a barbarian warrior” or “a nobel savage”. This legendary people is always has been a miss-conception between folklore and history. Such as their helmet with horn, double handed axes, drinking from skull, and the Vikings are associated with dirty life style. In this photograph, I am trying to depict an opera play that build a story that reverse the female social status, where the female was the second class in the Vikings community.

Muay Thai
Muay Thai is one of ancient hardcore martial arts that still exists and practices in modern sport from Thailand. Muay Thai can be refereed as “The Art of Eight Limbs” since the weapon of this martial art is using 8 parts of human body, which are a pair of knuckles, a pair of elbows, a pair of knees, and a pair of feet. The style of Muay Thai is pretty much like kickboxing, but back in 2000 years ago, it is originated as a genuine martial art that was practiced as a combat skill in warfare. In this photograph, I want to illustrate how the modernization have change this ancient martial art to be a entertaining sport. And these days, some of the Muay Thai match can be a stage performance as many martial art has became, and under the spotlight, they become a superstar. Some western influence has change the rule for some safety reason, and the put a limitation that how far the elbow and knees goes.

The Bands
Many bands in social community are become a medium for youths and teenagers to create their social status, and also, expressing their rejection on any mainstream  and anti authorization ideology.  These teenagers idolizes many band’s superstars life style, they lyrics, and their lifestyle into their real day life situation at home, school, and public places. Not only on the stage, nor in their music, but their attitude become their day life attitude and a way of thinking that have a anti-establishment mentality.

The President

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