Livingroom – Breakdown

“Sometimes human perception is not logical and realistic. Memories, feelings, and experiences many times cover the perception within the brain analyses.”

Eric Dalimarta

Date : June 1st – June 4th, 2007
Location :Hall Street Gallery, Savannah, USA
Software : Maya 2008, Photoshop CS2, Shake 4.1

The final image is captured from a sequence that is built with a procedural compositing CG package. All the elements are merged together and color corrected to have the same color tone.


Original Image



Greenscreen Shots

Juancho, the actor, and the furniture are shot in greenscreen room with a DVC PRO 50 camera. The floor is marked with a grid to match the perspective as close as it could and also help to position Juancho’s movement and the furniture’s placement

The other pieces of furniture are modeled and textured in 3D application. Using the original photograph, and also duplicating the information into 3D application, allows these furniture to have the same perspective, light direction, and dimension

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