CUL-DE-SAC – Breakdown

“On the journey to the destination, once the body and mind are worn out, the path will become the route without an end. Nothing that the body can do unless keeps walking in need of thinking nor feeling.”

Eric Dalimarta

Date : June 1st – June 4th, 2007
Location :Hall Street Gallery, Savannah, USA
Software : Maya 2008, Photoshop CS2, After Effects 7

Combining its elements all together and matching the motion into one visual harmony create the final image based on my personal vision. Then the shot is re-photographed (re-render) into a new photograph.


Original Image

Date : 7/13/06
Camera : Canon PowerShot A620
Format : JPEG
Exposure : 1/80 s at f/4
Focal Length : 21.7 mm
ISO : 200

In this photograph, the leaves and branches are extracted from the image and used as alpha information to create the sunlight coming through in between the leaves and branches. Falling leaves are attached into dynamic particle movement that interacts with gravity, turbulence, and wind that drew into the blind hole. The water, which is flooding the walking path, is produced by particle simulation that streams into a container based on the path.
Leaves Matte for Glow
Glow Effect over The BG Plate
3D Leaves Simulation from Maya
3D Leaves Beauty Pass from Maya
3D Water Simulation from Maya

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