See – Feel – Believe

Applying visual effects techniques to the images shown in this exhibition is not only a way to convey my vision into audience, but also it becomes my passionate artwork. When I take a photograph, I sometimes cannot capture what I saw. My desire is to show what I originally grasped, and these images are reflected by merging different materials and methods to visualize my perception. I want to bend the limitation of human’s vision, so that every person can see my vision. Nevertheless, my artworks are a combination of logical and absurd ways of seeing worlds. Therefore, my work comes from my everyday-life experiences, which I see with my imaginative perception.Through my work I want to share what I see, feel and believe about the world. The world, which gives a disorienting glimpse that could be interpreted differently, will always be viewed differently based on people’s point of view, what they see, feel, and believe.

Date : June 1st – June 4th, 2007
Location :Hall Street Gallery, Savannah, USA (booklet)


The Nature
In this image, I bring back my memory regarding what thoughts and feelings I experienced, while backpacking in Pisgah National Park, North Carolina in Spring 2006. My body and mind had been pushed to their physical limit and I started visualizing the impact that the elements could have on nature. Through that memory, I visualize my photographs, at that time, into a short scene and re-capture them into one frame of a new photograph. My idea is to visualize and simulate my experiences physically and psychologically at that point, and at the same time, capture my imaginative moments and illustrate them to the audience through revived photographs. For example, in “catching the wind” photographs, I illustrate my imagination of a tree, which its branches are growing along with the wind direction. This imagination was pictured when I was sitting exhaustedly and looking at the scene, and tried to entertained myself from the frustration after a long tiring hike.


Catching The Wind

“The human body has its maximum resistant limit. When it reaches the peak of the limit, the unconscious mind will overcast the logical mind; imagination becomes a hallucination.”
Eric Dalimarta


“On the journey to the destination, once the body and mind are worn out, the path will become the route without an end. Nothing that the body can do unless keeps walking in need of thinking nor feeling.”
Eric Dalimarta

Structure & Perception
“In a city, buildings and structures were built not only as a function but also as a character that is able to talk for itself as an individual between others. These photographs show how I see structure in the city while creating my own perspective for every object within its own role in the photograph, thus creating its own story that shows my portrayal. In this bodywork, I illustrate my imagination at the time I looked at these buildings/structures, perceiving them differently, and capturing the shapes and perspectives through my lens as my imaginative eye. Then, based on the photograph, I recreated new scenery which is built using visual effects as a brush that paints on the photograph. For example, at the time I took “Playground” photograph, the structure’s shapes reminded me of a playground and stimulated my child memory, the memory of me that liked to run, jumps, swinging and slide on many kinds of objects.”


“Childhood experiences are one of the most everyday memories that will always embed in human mind, even unconsciously. Whether they are good or bad, they will affect one’s manner, thoughts and point of view.”
Eric Dalimarta

Living Room

“Sometimes human perception is not logical and realistic. Memories, feelings, and experiences many times cover the perception within the brain analyses.”
Eric Dalimarta

Human Body & Facial Expression
In these photographs, I show what I see, feel, and believe about human facial and body expressions and how that can be meant as a different representation. Human faces are distorted and given “makeup“ to show the person’s expressions and moods. The human shape is able to be conveyed and translated into a visual language, which is capable of showing a different understanding of the story behind its expression. For example, when I talked or explained something to someone, occasionally I imagine that the one’s face could not be the real expression of the one’s emotion. The one could hide the emotion or the feeling from the one’s previous event. In this photograph, I am trying to merged those expressions into one face.”

Face Evolution

“Human facial expression is one of the most expressive and complicated among the others. Every single expression can represent a blend of many emotions at the same time. It can hide the real emotion behind the face but it cannot tell a lie.”
Eric Dalimarta

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